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How to Test Your Idea For Invention

If you think you have an idea for invention that will solve a problem for consumers, it is a great idea to test your idea with consumers before pursuing it. Ask them for honest feedback about your product or service, and choose a unique business name and trademark it. Once you have your product or service, you can then begin developing a marketing plan.
Create a solution that fills a gap in the market

If you want your product or service to be successful, it’s crucial to find a gap in the market. This can be achieved by conducting market research and talking to people who are already using your product or service. In these discussions, you can identify specific problems people have and how you can solve them. Using buyer personas can help you find problems and ideas that your customers might have not considered.

When looking for a market gap, you should look for an idea that’s both original and innovative. Most creative ideas have never been considered before. These solutions can instantly establish a niche and become dominant in a particular area.
Create a non-obvious invention

To be able to receive patent protection, your invention idea must be unique and not readily apparent to others within the same industry. It must also be radically different from previous inventions and must explain how to make and use it. For example, a toaster with a larger capacity is not a non-obvious invention.

The definition of “obvious” is subjective. It depends on the skill level of the people who will evaluate your invention. In the field of car parts, for example, an average engineer would assess whether your invention idea is obvious.
Create a prototype

A prototype is a functional, working version of your invention idea. It can be used for pre-selling, marketing, and raising funding. Having a prototype allows you to work out the kinks and make adjustments before going into production. Prototypes are also a good way to test your idea before selling it to consumers. Whether you’re working on a simple product or something more complex, a prototype is the most effective way to find out if your idea has potential.

Creating a prototype doesn’t need to cost much money, and it should be able to demonstrate the basic function of your invention. It should also give you a rough idea of the materials, colors, dimensions, and shapes of your invention idea. You can use clays or other modeling materials to create realistic mockups. Paper and cardboard models can be painted to give them a realistic look.
Develop a marketing plan

Before you can market your idea for invention, you must determine your target market. You should identify the demographic groups most likely to buy your product or use your invention, as well as any segments that may benefit from preferential marketing. For example, Venus, a company that sells razors to women, segments its market by age group and uses female-oriented messaging to make their product more appealing to women. To make your product stand out from the competition, research competitors’ products, target markets, and marketing efforts.

Once you know your target customers, you can develop a marketing plan. You must include a business overview. In addition, you must describe your competitors’ products. You must also identify your product’s strengths and weaknesses.
Get funding

There are a number of ways to get funding for your invention idea. One of the most popular methods is to borrow money from people with money or get an investment from a business partner. While traditional loans are available, you will need to come up with a plan for repaying the money in a timely manner. Alternatively, you can seek funding from crowdfunding sites. These include Indiegogo, Kickstarter, EquityNet Wefunder, AngelList, and Localstake.

Another way to get funding for your invention idea is to find an angel investor. These investors can provide you with one-time seed capital and ongoing financial support. These investors are willing to invest in your product if you can convince them that it will make a big profit.

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